Courses and fun diving


Try a dive

Want to experience the underwater world before deciding on a course.  We offer a special personal guided dive service.  No swimming or experience necessary.

1 dive / 30-40 min: INR 7,000


Fun diving

For certified divers.  We have a choice of clear blue dive sites to choose from.

Grab our special prices while they last!

2 dive trip: INR 7,000

1 dive trip: INR 5,500

(Inclusive of all dive gear) 


INR 24,000 only

Open Water Diver

Get your diving adventure started with a certification that allows you to dive anywhere in the world!

Spread over 3-4 days, the course combines theoretical knowledge with pool training followed by training in the open ocean.  Our experienced instructors give you the knowledge and skill to make you a safe and comfortable diver and you'll have a certificate that allows you to dive at a dive centre anywhere in the world!

Course structure can be tailored to your schedule but is typically as follows:

Day 1. Arrive Tuticorin. Orientation and briefing with video. Theory classes with pool training.

Day 2. Training in the ocean. 2 dives.

Day 3. Training in the ocean. 2 dives.

To save time you can complete your theory classes online before you arrive.  The SSI systems provided you with access to all course knowledge online!

You can also complete your pool training in the city before you arrive and save two days.  Check out our Urban Diver Programme for more details.


INR 21,000

2 days to complete

Scuba Diver

If you are pressed for time the Scuba Diver certificate is a partial completion of the Open Water course that still allows you to dive with a dive professional  anywhere in the world but at restricted depths.

The course structure is the same as open water but with only 2 open water dives so it can be completed in two days. A Scuba Diver certification can easily be upgraded to Open Water Diver by completing the additional ocean dives at any SSI training centre.


INR 22,000

2 days to complete

Advanced Adventurer

The next step after Open Water Diver.  Very popular because all the training is in the water!  You'll get to try out 5 different specialities- Deep Diving, Underwater Navigation and your choice of three more..

Spread over two days this course really gets you to experience the underwater world while teaching you skills that make you a safer and more experienced diver.


INR 30,000

3 days to complete

Chances are you'll quickly become addicted to the ocean.  This is the next step to upgrade you skills and fine tune your diving.

Complete 4 speciality dives and a total of 24 logged dives.  (Your course dives such as scuba diver or open water all count towards your total logged dives.)  Check here for a compete list of specialities we offer.

Course pricing & duration depends on the specialities you pick.  Get in touch for more details and a package.


INR 22,000

3 days to complete

Prerequisites: Open Water Diver

+ First Aid/CPR

Rescue Diver

One of the most important programmes you can do.  Gain skills to make you and divers around you safer and more comfortable..

This programme teaches you the skills and knowledge required to recognize and deal with stress, prevent accidents and properly deal with emergency situations encountered by divers.  This is also the first step and a prerequisite to professional courses.

The course combines knowledge training with practical training in the pool and ocean.

Advanced Open Water


INR 40,000+

6+ days to complete

Master Diver

The highest level of recreational diving!  You can truly feel proud and accomplished with the Master Diver recognition.

This course is a bundle of four speciality programs along with the Rescue Diver speciality.  And a total of 50 logged dives gives you the Master Diver rating.

Duration and pricing will depend on the specialites choses.  Get in touch with us for package options.


INR 30,000 - 45,000

10 - 15 days to complete

or internship

Prerequisites: 18 yrs age, 60 logged dives

+ Open Water Diver + Rescue Diver

+ First Aid/CPR specialities

Dive Guide/Dive Master

Love diving so much youre ready to make it a career?  The Dive Guide rating allows you to work at dive centres and lead fun divers.  Yes, you read right.  You get to dive all the time and will get paid for it!

The Dive Guide rating combined with the Science Of Diving Speciality upgrades you to the much coveted Dive Master rating.

We can put together special pricing for divers from the Open Water level and we also offer

limited divemaster internships where we comp some cost of courses in exchange for assisting with the dive centre for an extended period which also provides you with valuable practical and work experience.

Specialities we offer

Urban Diver Programme

Start your diving courses with theory and pool training in your city.

Option 1:

Start your Open Water course in the city.  1-2 days of pool training and theory

Cost INR 12,000 for pool training in Chennai + INR 12,000 for the ocean dives at our Tuticorin centre.

Option 2 (Referral - Pool training only): 

Same as option 1 but we'll issue you a referral certificate after your pool and theory training and you can complete the open water course at any SSI dive centre in the world. Cost INR 12,000


Why choose SSI?

What are the differences between SSI and PADI?

SSI, PADI, RAID, NAUI, SDI, CMAS, BSAC are just a few of the agencies you may have heard of. All the leading dive certification agencies in the world fall under WRSTC (World Recreational Scuba Training Council) and all recognise each others certifications.  


You can show your SSI certificate and dive with any dive centre in the world. And you can even take your next course with any other agency. Certifications are equivalent across all agencies. But there are some advantages to training with SSI.


1. SSI offers complete digital learning. Everything you need for your theory portion is online on the web and in the SSI app. You can study at your pace anywhere in the world. And once you have the app on your phone you can instantly pull up your dive certificate and log your dives.  SSI does not require you to purchase books.  So you can travel and save the weight for your shopping.

2. SSI dive instructors must be affiliated/linked to a physical dive centre. Their training is monitored by SSI and international standards are ensured at all dive centres. Other agencies allow instructors to “freelance” and this makes it difficult to monitor their training standards.

3. SSI offers modular training. Instructors can choose how to teach skills based on the individual student's comfort and safety. Other agencies offer a strict teaching format and we've seen many students struggling with their skills or opting out of the course because they find it hard to progress in such a rigid schedule.

4. SSI courses are certified as compliant with ISO standards for Recreational Diving Services by an independent auditor.