The Dive Centre

Our dive centre is the only one in India that uses professional level equipment for all our courses and fun diving.

As a seasoned diver I was always worried about using old or lower-end rental gear when I travel.  That's something you dont have to worry about here.  You will be using the same top-end gear that professionals around the world prefer to use themselves. We like to start off all new divers with the best training and the best equipment.  Your safety and comfort is our highest priority.


Our buoyancy control device (BC) is from XDeep in Europe.  A little browsing and research will tell you that its one of the preferred BCs used by scuba professionals and technical divers around the world. 


Our regulators are all from Apeks in the UK.  Arguably the worlds best regulators.  The advantage of Apeks regulators is their superior breathing performance in any condition.  They aren't cheap either.  But we believe in using only the best equipment


We are the only internationally accredited SSI scuba dive centre in Rameshwaram and Tamilnadu.  SSI is one of the widest scuba diving networks in the world and a certification from SSI is recognised all over the world by any scuba network.

You can verify dive centre credentials on the SSI website.

Our SSI dive centre #766612

Always ask your dive pro or centre for their accreditation number and check with the international website.  Make sure youre diving with a safe and legal organisation.  Whether its SSI, PADI, RAID, NAUI or any other scuba organisation, they are all obliged to provide you with their number and you can verify with the organisation's website or head office.  Stay safe.

The Professionals

Resident instructor, Govind Kumar,  has over ten years of diving experience.  Diving all over Asia in some of the most diverse conditions.

He's a bit of an introvert on land but is practically a fish underwater.  He's on the wait list for a pair of gills so he can make the ocean his permanent residence.

He is an SSI Open Water Instructor and has been trained by some of the leading dive professionals in the Philippines and Thailand.  He has also volunteered with ocean conservation projects and is dedicated to protecting the ocean, the lifeline of our planet.

His experiences diving with people from all over the world and in various conditions give him a distinct advantage when instructing new divers and he hopes to pass on his love of the ocean and good underwater habits to other divers.

Feel free to get in touch with him for general advice on diving, equipment and dive destinations in Asia.  He's always happy to chat with another diver!